Operational stability

As a leader in the company, you have the overall responsibility for the operations and the visions in the company. The management team is interested in the best IT solutions int the company. A stable IT-solution that secures data security and compliance with GDPR and secures happy end users and minimize errors.

EasyInstall can assist in several areas e.g.:

Eco-friendly company

Is being a green business and having an eco-friendly office a part of your business plan? With EasyInstall you get a green profile, and you protect the environment and the best thing – you also save money. With EasyInstall you use fewer servers and server resources than with similar systems. Power Management is included and with that all EasyInstall clients can be configures to minimize power and consumption and computers can be shut down after work hours. EasyInstall automatically generates a power management report, giving you a complete overview over your savings.

License Management

If you don’t have an overview of the company’s software licenses, it can be an expensive cost to pay for programs, licenses etc. that is no longer in use. With an effective license management, you get both an overview of your software and the licenses in use. With EasyInstall you create and overview of licenses and consumption.

With effective license management you ensure that you comply with the license requirements and you also avoid unnecessary license costs.

Complete Unified Endpoint Management solution

One of the most important jobs for the it-department is to make sure that the company’s assets works so you avoid downtime and waisted time spent on troubleshooting.

With EasyInstall you get a total solution where you can manage all the company’s endpoints from a central team.

Let us help you with e.g.:

Enroll software quick and easy

Instead of spending a lot of time of adapting all the company’s endpoints manually, you can use EasyInstall to enroll software easy and quickly on the devices.

It ensures that the devices are alike and it’s much easier to handle the devices also support and reestablish the assets if somethings if there’s an error on a device. It’s of course possible to customize so the individual department or user has access to specific programs.


You don’t have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting. In EasyInstall you can quickly reinstall any computer from central hold without all the manual procedures. It’s often faster and much more efficient to reinstall instead of spending time on a lot of troubleshooting. IT-support / helpdesk saves time on troubleshooting and the user is quickly up and running again.

Fully Updated Devices

EasyInstall reduces wasted time and manual processes. Installations of operating systems and updates automatically configures through the network. You only have to click a few time and the result is a fully configured IT-workplace ready for use.