IXP Data has a clear policy regarding social responsibility, it is also very natural for us to support charitable and humanitarian organizations.

We use a grading plan for all our waste so that we send the largest possible amount to recycling, and reduces the amount of paper waste and reducing environmental pollution as much as possible. We launch ongoing initiatives to reduce our environmental and climate impact. For example, we always strive to use refurbished IT equipment. By recycling a PC that has already been produced, enormous resources can be saved.

We have also a clear priority to reduce the consumption of resources in all parts of our business, we use e.g. recycled computer. We especially focus on reducing our consumption of fossil fuels and our CO2 emissions.

Of course, IXP Data pays full corporation tax in Denmark.

Danish Business Forum for Social Responsibility

Parents Fund – Alone with children

Danish Hospital Clowns

Danish Church Aid

The Danish Cancer Society

Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF)

IXP Data has chosen to support humanitarian work worldwide, and therefore offers all charitable non-profit organizations a very reduced price on EasyInstall licenses.

Please contact Christina Liljegreen on telephone +45 56 27 54 02 or email