EasyInstall Unified Endpoint Management


Manage all your Endpoints with EasyInstall

With EasyInstall your get a complete Unified Endpoint Management solution. EasyInstall helps for instance both public and private organizations and also private companies to monitor and manage all PC and mobile devices connected in the network. With EasyInstall you have a single management interface for all connected endpoints regardless of the platform; Windows, Android, iOS, iPad OS or macOS.

Centralized overview of all devices

EasyInstall is therefore a complete System Management solution, that informs, automates, and standardizes the IT infrastructure and endpoints. In other words EasyInstall provides a centralized overview of the devices, users, apps, and policies connected to the network in one single interface.

Administration of IT workplaces

With EasyInstall you  get a simple and efficient solution for centralized administration of IT workplaces. Installations of operating systems, applications, and updates is automatically configured over the network. That ensures that your company’s devices are always up to date. You can quickly reinstall any device from Central IT without physical contact to the user and above all you save time on troubleshooting and ensures high uptime.

Reduce Cost

Altogether EasyInstall helps you reduce your costs for installation, management, and maintenance of your devices without having to use expensive external consultants.

Please contact info@ixpdata.dk and learn much more about EasyInstall