Is your company 100% Cloud-based or do you want to save time of maintaining, configuring and updating your EasyInstall server?

With EasyCloud you get the same – as an ‘on-premise’ solution with all the benefits of a cloud world. EasyCloud is a so-called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.The benefits of EasyCloud includes flexibility, fixed costs, innovation, availability, scaling and security.

With EasyCloud you do not have to maintain the EasyInstall server – we take care of everything and update the server solution with Microsoft and EasyInstall and updates in established service windows so that your business is not disturbed unnecessarily.

All our cloud servers are physically located in Denmark.


EasyCloud supports hybrid solutions, e.g. a local distribution point such as software server and PXE connected to the cloud server via https. It can also be a child server with local administrator options and again as a software server with PXE, this is also connected via https to the cloud server.

With a hybrid solution, you get the best of both worlds cloud administration and management, local speeds and you achieve a minimum of bandwidth usage.

EasyCloud includes:

– EasyInstall management tool
– Windows package rollout
– Windows deployment over the Internet
– EasyInstall Anywhere
– MDM for Android, Apple iOS, iPadOS and MacOS
– SSL Certificates
– Remote Control over the Internet
– LAPS password lookup App for mobile phone
– Possibility of own distribution points / child server (hybrid)
– DDo’s protection
– More disk space can be purchased
– Free traffic 200/200 Mbit/s (higher speeds can be purchased)
– Automatic backup, 1 time per. week
– Virtual dedicated Windows server 2022 (dedicated vCores)

– EasyPacks (over 200 ready-made and fully updated Windows packages)
– EasyImage (hardware neutral, fully updated Windows images)
– Support

All communication is done over an encrypted SSL connection
EasyInstall Administrator login requires 2-factor authentication

With EasyCloud, we make sure that all security measures are complied with
We strive for an uptime of 99.5%

Our data center is Danish-owned and is physically located in Denmark, all data is also located in Denmark and never leaves Denmark’s borders
The data center is a so-called N + 1 which is fully ISAE3402 type 2 certified
All components are redundant with UPS and emergency power generator, air conditioning with correct and stable temperature
The data center is fire-protected with a halon system
The data center is protected by access control, so only authorized persons have access

We can, of course, draw up a GDPR data processor agreement

If you want to hear more about the benefits you get with EasyCloud contact us at info@ixpdata.com or +45 56275402