Service concept
One of IXP Data’s primary business areas are EasyInstall consulting services.

High level of competence
We ensure ongoing training of our consultants. All our consultants are certified.

Technology Areas
As Windows management company, we focus on the technologies that are important for practicing cost-effective and user-friendly Windows handling.

Technologies include:

• Windows management
• Mobile device management (MDM)
• Windows deployment
• Windows Autopilot
• Windows in-place upgrade (IPU)
• Windows BitLocker
• Windows OS deployment
• Software distribution
• License management
• Windows patch management
• MSI package development
• Windows och software virtualization
• Workshops

Service Concepts
Based on the extensive experience we have with the implementation and operation of various solutions, we can adapt and offer service concepts for both implementation as operational.

IXP Data offers professional consulting assistance to absolutely competitive prices, which are billed on an hourly basis or using vouchers.

Call +45 56 27 54 02 to hear more about how the service concept can be adapted to your business or send an email to for detailed information.