Effective Software Distribution Through High-Quality Packages and Images
Why Outsource Package and Windows Image Development to IXP Data?

  • Save Time and Resources: Avoid the complexities of in-house development of packages and images.
  • Consistent Service Levels: Maintain your software distribution quality, even with staff changes.
  • Expert Development: Our packages and images are crafted by some of Denmark’s most skilled Easy package developers.
  • Stable Clients: Ensure system stability, even with frequent app installations and uninstallations.
  • Predictable Costs: Easy budgeting with known expenses.

    Pricing Models

    Choose from a variety of IXP Data’s pricing options:

  • Per-Package or Image Payment: Pay for each package or Windows image ordered.
  • Subscription: A fixed monthly fee covers package/image development and regular updates.

    EasyInstall Windows Images

  • Effortless Ordering: Quick and simple.

  • Windows 10 or 11: Choose your version.
  • Custom Thin Images: Tailored to your requirements.
  • Media Upload and Instructions: Provide your media for a bespoke build.
  • Email Notification: We’ll inform you when your Windows image is ready for download.

    EasyInstall Software Packages:

  • Effortless Ordering: Streamlined and straightforward.
  • Fixed Pricing: No surprises
  • Encrypted Package Variables: Secure handling of license keys, etc.
  • Full Automation: Hands-free package deployment.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Quality assurance and antivirus approval.
  • Download Delivery: Access your package with ease.
  • For special requests, please contact us at info@ixpdata.dk. We’re committed to finding the best solution together and delivering products of the highest quality.