EasyInstall OS Deployment and Windows OS Deployment is used by both public and private companies and reduces the overall cost and TCO of deployment, maintenance and support of Microsoft® Windows operating systems.

EasyInstall OS Deployment is a powerful, ITIL-compatible flexibel standard solution.

Turn on the computer, boot from the network and enter the computer name. The installation (OS Deployment) of the operating system, hardware drivers, service packs, and configuration settings, are subsequent performed fully automatically. Subsequently applications and hotfixes are also fully automatically installed in the same process. The result is a pre-configured computer ready to use.

• Process driven GUI
• Microsoft Windows Autopilot
• Supports “Zero Touch” OS Deployment
• Supports Cloud OS Deployment
• Very easy to implement, run and maintain
• Very Easy and flexible to maintain hardware device drivers
• Built-in tool for automatic collecting hardware device drivers
• Built-in feature for hardware driver update
• Built-in function for secure hard disk wipe
• 100% hardware-independent image / unattended OS Deployment
• Full support for local and remote “bare metal” OS Deployment
• Network and offline OS Deployment
• Windows deployment over the Internet
• Legacy, UEFI and UEFI/Secure boot support
• Full 802.1x support
• Over 90 different Windows deployment templates

EasyInstall supports both unattended and image-based OS Deployment for the following operating systems:

• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7
• Windows 8 / 8.1
• Windows 10
• Windows 11

EasyInstall also supports server OS Deployment for the following operating systems:

• Windows Server 2003
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows Server 2012
• Windows Server 2016
• Windows Server 2019
• Windows Server 2022

Remote Reinstallation
In a support case, every computer can be completely reinstalled using EasyInstall OS Deployment from the central IT department without having to visit the user. It is often faster and more efficient to reinstall instead of spending time troubleshooting the client computers. Reinstallation is fully automated and computer re-establishing incl. all packages and updates made to computer. IT support / helpdesk will use minimum time and the user is quickly up and running.

EasyInstall supports the following OS Deployment installations media:

• WinPE 3 / 4 / 5 / 10 / 11 via PXE / USB device or CD / DVD