Protect your company’s local administrator password against accidental use.

EasyInstall Local Administrator Password Management (LAPM) is a Windows solution that allows automatic password change on the local administrator account to a randomly strong password.

All Windows machines in domain and workgroup – subject to EasyInstall LAPM will have different passwords for the local administrator account. This solution can also be used with great advantage on servers.

This ensures that if the local administrator password becomes known, this knowledge cannot be utilized on other machines. A known password can be changed immediately via EasyInstall.

EasyInstall transfers and stores current passwords for each computer in EasyInstall’s encrypted form and can only be retrieved by EasyInstall Administrators.

EasyInstall LAPM is standard, does not require additional software, it is all built into the EasyInstall agent.

EasyInstall administrators can retrieve passwords on the mobile phone via an app.

EasyInstall Local Administrator Password Management can be configured as follows.

– Password length
– Password property, upper / lower case letters, numbers, and / or symbols
– How often should a password be changed, eg. every Friday.

Local Administrator Password Management is a standard feature in EasyInstall.