Many companies choose to eliminate the possibility of employees being a local administrator in their Windows computer.

This means that only the IT department can install new software.
With EasyInstall Privileged Access Management, the user can actively activate himself or herself as a local administrator for a short period of time when needed.
This forces the user to reflect on his actions and thus remember to secure the device.

All local administrator activations, as well as critical actions, are automatically logged in EasyInstall.

PAM can be configured as follows:

– Assign Privileged Access, based on computer or Active Directory groups
– The user must accept the firm’s policy of using Privileged Access
– The user must specify the reason for Privileged Access
– Link to company’s PAM policy
– Must uninstall applications
– The installer must have a valid digital signature
– Command Prompt and PowerShell can be performed with Privileged Access
– How long a Privileged Access session should last a maximum
– Must reset the local administrator group after each Privileged Access session
– Ensure that User Access Control (UAC) is always active
– Own company logo

Privileged Access Management is a standard feature in EasyInstall.

The user right-click on an installer and select Privileged Access …