Who is IXP Data?

IXP Data ApS is a private Danish-owned software company. We have over 40 years of professional experience in software development.

We are specialists in Unified Endpoint Management solutions for both medium and large companies with our dansish developed software tool EasyInstall.

Our focus is mainly the development of EasyInstall. Therefore we constantly think about how we can make EasyInstall even better for our customers. EasyInstall handles both computers, tablets and mobile phones for instance. We were approved by Google to provide software for securing and managing mobile phones to corporate customers worldwide as the first company in Denmark in 2019.

EasyInstal a user-friendly deployment tool

We assist more than 400 IT departments already with daily operations for instance maintenance of servers, mobile devices and IT workstations with EasyInstall. As a result our customers save time with the most user-friendly deployment tool on the market! They spend their time better and importantly save money on support and expensive consulting hours. EasyInstall is nevertheless suitable for both large and small customers.

Total Unified Endpoint Management solution

The IT-department can handle many thousands of users and devices in the same manageable interface with EasyInstall. Therefore not least the costumers get a Unifed Endpoint Management solution rather than wasting time on several different tools.

On prem or Cloud

We offer both a local on prem solution or eveen a Cloud solution to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

There are of course not no expensive and unnecessary expenses for extra features in EasyInstall!

IXP Data Organization

There are now 8 employees at our office in Køge in Denmark at the moment. We have deliberately chosen to be small organization for the benefit of our customers. That way we minimize our costs. We serve our customers directly or through our skilled partners and our dealer network. For seven years in a row we are AAA rated. In 2018 we received a Gazelle Award for the third year in a row.

Our customers

All customers are very important to IXP Data and we constantly strive to keep the focus on the customer. We develop and improve our products according to our customers’ needs. IXP Data are always interested in input from customers and partners. We are agile in everything we do and that is one of the core points of our company. Everything we do must lead to benefits for our customers. The most 3 important values for us:

Simplicity, Honesty and Innovation.

Social and environmental responsibility

Our employees is very important to us and we highly respect human rights. We protect our environment and climate and take ongoing initiatives to reduce our environmental and climate impact.

In order to reduce the amount of paper waste and the burden on the environment as much as possible, we have a sorting plan for all our waste, so we send all possible for recycling.

One of our clear priorities is to reduce resource consumption in our company. We have a special focus on reducing our consumption of fossil fuels and our CO2 emissions.


It’s very natural for us to support charities and humanitarian organizations.

Corporation tax

Of course, IXP Data pays full corporation tax in Denmark.

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The IXP Data team

Team IXP Data

In addition, to own resources, we cooperate with skilled partners in Denmark and outside Denmark.

See the partner list here

IXP® og EasyInstall® are danish registered trademarks belonging to IXP Data ApS.