Let IXP Data help you and your IT staff – to solve everyday and small issues through an email support agreement …

We know everything about EasyInstall – so why not take advantage of this knowledge?

We have skilled support staff who are always ready to help …

IXP Data offers a cost-effective joint support agreement for the products EasyInstall, EasyPacks and EasyImages.

The support agreement deals with all technical aspects of the above products but you would like technical issues in connection with your own package development.

Each question / problem is created as a support by sending an email to support@ixpdata.com

It is possible to obtain a support agreement with a fixed number of support cases / tickets per. year, as well as a given reaction time.

We offer response times (within the normal working hours of IXP Datas), such as gold, silver and bronze.

Gold email feedback within 8 hours
Silver feedback via email within 12 hours
Bronze email feedback within 16 hours

The support manager will automatically receive an email of consumed support tickets each month via e-mail as well as remaining support tickets.

If the support agreement is about to expire or all support tickets are being used up, we will contact the support responsible for renewal.

Call +45 56 27 54 02 to find out how an support agreement can help and adapt to your business or send an email to Info@ixpdata.com for further information.