Central IT operations that create results
EasyInstall (also known as IXP) is the perfect choice for Desktop Management. Desktop Management covers the full range of software solutions that enable users to support, reporting and installing software over large network. EasyInstall Desktop Management solution covers the entire network. Both workstations and servers can be controlled via EasyInstall Desktop Management solution with significant savings and efficiency gains as a result.

Overview of the Network
EasyInstall is the perfect choice for Inventory Management. Inventory Management means information collection and processing of data on network hardware and software. One can for example rapid gain an overview of what type of processor each computer has and how much memory and there by ensure that the network is ready for a new operation system. Inventory Management is an ideal tool to plan IT investments. Inventory Management includes license management. It is easy and manageable to watch how many licenses for applications that are in use in the network, and there by only pay for the applications in use.

Makes software installing a game
EasyInstall is the perfect choice for Software Distribution. Software Distribution is application installation over the network. With EasyInstall it is easy to update thousands of computers with hotfixes, patches and new applications. It happens with a few clicks and the whole process runs automatically through the network. Software Distribution is your guarantee of constantly updated computers and your assurance that the network security is at the highest level. Besides this Software Distribution is an economical solution because it is no longer necessary to visit each computer physically.

With EasyInstall it takes no longer to updates 1000 computers than to update one single computer. Software Distribution with EasyInstall also has a range of advanced features that for example makes it possible via OS Deployment to deploy new operating systems on your network and it is also possible by using the ‘Wake on LAN’ technology to install applications at night or over a weekend.

An open solution
All standard applications for Microsoft Windows based computers can be handled by EasyInstall. And a wide range of systems for client management and remote control, including Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop, VMware VDI and others, works excellent in collaboration with EasyInstall. All functions in EasyInstall can be set so that the installation, information gathering and updates only happens when users are not working at their computer. This ensures maximum efficiency and that users never experience that their computer is regularly updated.